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                In pics: Xingyun lake ushers into fishing season


                The aerial photo shows the fishing boats sailed into Xingyun lake. [Xinhua/Hu Chao]

                Located in Jiangchuan district of Yuxi city, Yunnan province, Xingyun lake welcomed the annual fishing season on Dec. 25, 2019, and will last to Jan. 23, 2020. Xingyun lake is one of the nine plateau lakes in Yunnan province.


                The aerial photo shows people shopped for freshly caught fish at Laohezui fish market near Xingyun lake on Dec. 25. [Xinhua/Hu Chao]


                Fishermen carried fish ashore at Laohezui fish market on Dec. 25. [Xinhua/Hu Chao]


                People shopped for freshly caught fish at Laohezui fish market near Xingyun lake on Dec. 25. [Xinhua/Hu Chao]


                The aerial photo shows the Laohezui fish market was bustling. [Xinhua/Hu Chao]

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                (Editors: Christine, Kylie)

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