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                Dali Cangshan ushered in the first heavy snow of 2020


                After a big drop in temperature, Dali Cangshan Ximatan pond ushered in the first snow of this year. On the morning of January 6, the rain stopped finally after two days. Although sometimes the mountain covered by clouds, it can be seen half of the mountain already became white.

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                Dali Cangshan has 19 peaks, each of which is more than 3500 meters above sea level, the highest peak is 4,122 meters. Due to the higher altitude,the peaks are extremely chill and covered by snow all around the year.In the light of the sun,the hills look like crystals which make people all admire the spectacular senary. As one of special scenes of Dali, it attracts countless visitors every year.




                According to legend, plague spread at the foot of Cangshan in a year.Two siblings used the magic arts they learned to drive away the plague to the top of the hill and buried it in the snow to freeze to death.In order to prevent the plague god to revive,the sister became the snow god of snowman peak to protect Cangshan forever.



                Cangshan snow scenery is fantastic, but in a rainy day, the mountain scenery will be covered by fog. After a rainfall, the rain washed the dust out of the air and the clouds over the mountains disappeared, and the sun shone through the thin clouds and warmed the land. Around a hundred miles of Cangshan,people can see the snowflakes float in the sky,and the most beautiful sunrise of Erhai.

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