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                Dance drama La Jingmai showed in Yunnan Grand Theatre


                The dance drama La Jingmai was brilliantly played in Yunnnan Grand Theatre and won countless applause from the audiences.

                The dance drama La Jingmai takes the ancient tea forest as the background and regards the life of the Bu lang nationality residents who are one of the ancient tea forest's guardians as the theme. It artistically expresses the spiritual belief and cultural creation of the ancient tea race in Jingmai mountain.

                The drama runs 90 minutes, with nearly 100 cast members, and consists of seven chapters.It expresses the residents of Jingmai mountain respecting and guarding ancient tea trees, inheriting ancient brick tea, and their love for the homeland. So that the audiences can have a deep understanding of Pu er tea, the culture and wisdom of Bulang nation. At the same time, it further arouses people's awareness of the protection of intangible cultural heritage and natural environment.

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                (Editors: Kylie, Christine)

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